Satyamev Jayate: A Revolutionary Storm that Bring a Smile on Rising India

“India  is my country all Indians are my brothers and sisters…”  Every Indian knows this wonderful pledge ! We respect our nation and our country spirit, but from few days these definitions are only applicable for a selected day’s like 15th Aug and 26th Jan, everyone is busy in their own world called ‘ Personal world  ‘ , where we never think about social issues w.r.t our society and country. To highlight all this stuff amir khan started an initiative  called “Satyamev Jayate“.

Satyamev jayate Impact

A booster dose to reimagine our new India . From the very 1st episode of  ‘Satyamev Jayate’ , good thoughts spread live viral & treading in every social media network, TV’s & Internet etc. Amir handled  all the serious issues very perfectly and precisely. SMJ is equipped with well-researched scenario along with case studies & Infographics, SMJ was telecasted  on the major Star network and Doordarshan simultaneously. Doordarshan helped SMJ to reach into every family 🙂 Following are some selected episodes of SMJ which did revolutionaries change in our society.

  • Impact : Female Foeticide:

This was one of the best and  the sensitive episode of SMJ which  highlighted how unethical medical practitioners are killing female unborn baby. Amir also showcases some real examples of   rural people or those living in small towns to explore about Female Foeticide , how they are doing such bad things 😦

Female Foeticide Satyamev jayate impact

As this episode was telecasted, every media of communication started taking about Female Foeticide. Which produces some good result. Many string operations was taken place to find culprit doctors and foolish parents 😦 . Many schools and colleges started campaigning against Female Foeticide.

Reason for its success :  We saw the power of  UNITY

  • Impact: Marriage Or Marketplace:

India is a country of culture , most Indian people dream of a lavish wedding but here we focus on” Big Fat Indian Wedding”  which involve  heavy dowry demands. Dowry makes a life of bride like hell 😦 . Continuous pressure from groom family demanding for dowry create some serious issue like suicide or murders. I personally like this episode. Amir taught some lessons ‘Money is not everything. Life & relations are much stronger  than peace of paper(money).

Satyamev jayate Marriage Or Marketplace? Angry-Brides

This episode also crate viral influence on society ( small to rich). This helps to change many aspects, and now it is up to the bride and their families to say NO to dowry ! Now many NGO and state government  helping  people to stand against all these things.

Reason for its success : Bride & her families rise their voice !

  • Impact: Does Healthcare need Healing:

Health is Wealth ‘  &  if you have wealth then you can easily maintain your health. This episode of SMJ killed such kind of thinking. A billion people country needs a proper health care service for every age/type of person. Amir showcases some revolutionize alternatives for costly medicines and surgery. Which are completely genuine and that much effective like others .

Does Healthcare need Healing Satyamev jayate Impact

The impact is much appreciable as many state Govt. Planning to start ‘ Generic medicine stores‘ very soon in their respective areas. It will help common people get cost effective solutions. I hope everybody will avail this service without any hesitation. Some healthcare agencies also helping some BPL ( Below Povery Line ) people to avail cheap surgery and medical services.

Reason for its success : Guarantee for Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Impact: Alcohol abuse –Think before you drink

In this episode Amir Khan highlighted the serious  problem of alcohol addiction in the human society and he took the responsibility of choosing the right path to free the society from the threat of alcohol. Over drink  always kill your mindset as well as your native behaviors.I think self determination is the only way to get rid of this bad habit.

satyamev jayate Alcohol Abuse - Think Before You Drink

This episode also influences  on every media channel. Especially a group of ladies from many states of India started campaigning against the evil of alcohol 😀 they fight like “Jassi ki Rani ” to close such unacceptable services which are destroying their family as well as personal life.

Reason for its success : Support of Government & women, self determination of affected persons !

Why Satyamev Jayate create humongous influence:

1. SMJ handles each and every topic in-depth with proper infographics.

Satyamev jayate impact infographics

Click to Zoom-In Via SMj official site

2. Interactive sessions and victim participations create seriousness & its importance.

3.  Great thinkers only using books to spread awareness for change  but this video telecasting fulfills the gap of illiteracy and they succeed to reach every citizen of India.

4. Many NGO, local organizations, state govt.  actively participated in the entire campaign.

5. Use of digital media, Social Media, websites & SMS etc. help them to engage an audience to  create some seamless discussions.

I hope to build a strong nation and strong community we have to spread such kind of education in the entire society.Our initiatives and better understanding  create influence for change. SMJ is the voice of common people and Amir khan handled it very properly.I’m really happy to see another such kind of   campaign from ‘Mr. Perfectionist’. If you like any other episode of SMJ please mention your queries & do vote in our poll, it will help someone  to survive their issue.

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